"Discover What You Need to Know About Your Heel Pain And How To Finally End Your Heel Pain Once And For All!"

Andrew Elliot, a Board Certified Podiatrist, Will Help You Understand Why You Have Heel Pain, What Bone Spurs Are, and How To Find The Best Heel Pain Prevention and Treatment for YOU!

"You need to know if your doctor/podiatrist is prescribing the correct treatment for your heel pain! Find out why there may be more than one reason for your heel pain and how to stop your heel pain from getting worse!"

See what 2 happy 'heel pain free' people had to say...


    "After about 2 weeks of regularly using your heel pain reduction method my heel pain was feeling the best it had in months."

"Hi, I got the program because I was putting off going back to the physiotherapist and the orthotics because my podiatrist could not fix my heel pain. I started on your program and after about 2 weeks of regularly using your heel pain reduction method my heel pain was feeling the best it had in months. I use the exercises as a warm up before walking as the program suggests. I think this was one of the most helpful tips for me. It seems so simple now but this was never mentioned to me with any of the people I spoke to. I am not quite pain free yet but my heels are feeling 10 years younger!"

~ Thanks, Michelle Thompson – Portland, Oregon

Here's another...

"I can now do things everyday people take for granted like without thinking about my feet like playing with the kids, walking with my wife and being on my feet all day at work without pain."

"I am an electrician who works long hours most of which is on my feet. I have tried some treatments recommended to me by physiotherapists and one podiatrist in the past with varied success. Because of my long hours at work and always being on the road I found it difficult to eat properly so I was slowly but surely gaining weight. I had no idea that this (and many others) were factors in the state of my feet.

Your program not only has helped me to completely relieve my heel pain but is has also given me an understanding on what causes the pain and how I can avoid these causes and prevent the pain from returning. I can't thank you enough for your help. I can now do things everyday people take for granted like without thinking about my feet like playing with the kids, walking with my wife and being on my feet all day at work without pain.

~ Thank you, Rob Brisbane - Tampa, Florida


From Andrew Elliot,Podiatrist.
Re: Heel Pain Treatment and Prevention
Dear Heel Pain Sufferer,

Hello my name is Andrew Elliot - Podiatrist. I'm here to help you understand where your heel pain is coming from, why you have it (there can be multiple triggers for heel pain) and how to effectively treat your heel pain, reduce its occurrence and prevent it from coming back.

Heel Pain can cripple you…
 and significantly reduce your quality of life…and
I am here to help you end your pain.

I'm sure if you are suffering with heel pain you know how miserable you can feel with achy, over-tired feet that throb when you have to stand or walk on them during the day.

The problem is, no matter what you may have tried to cure your heel pain it never goes away completely and it seems to return with even more pain when you overdo it.

It's a vicious cycle. You should rest and stay off your feet to help them recover but with your work or job that may not be even possible. Even worse… you're always feeling so tired, because when your feet are painfully throbbing at night -- you can't even get a full night's sleep!

As a registered and board certified Podiatrist I have over 10 years experience successfully treating patients for foot related problems. I have many patients, from 20 to 30 a week, who painfully hobble into my office seeking relief from their crippling heel pain or heel spurs. The medical term is 'plantar fasciitis' but for ease of reading this letter, let's refer to it as heel pain and heel spurs.

Heel Pain can make your life truly miserable….

I know first hand because I suffered with heel pain and had one of the worst cases in history. At least to me it felt that way. As a podiatrist, I am on my feet all day long treating patients so it is no wonder I developed heel pain and heel spurs due to long periods of time on my feet in my daily medical practice.

When I experienced my first problems with heel pain -- it came on in the early morning. I'd wake up and after getting out of bed I would experience jabbing pain walking my first few steps – so I do know what heel pain is. As I worked longer and longer hours at my thriving medical practice my heel pain became worse and worse.

I knew I had to get off my feet but that was not going to happen anytime soon.

As a podiatrist I knew what my problem was, only I didn't have to time to take off to help my feet heal – I needed to find a quick fix for my heel pain. Maybe you are the experiencing the same help pain too.

The secret treatment I used to end my heel pain is what this letter is about.

Many patients would come to me after being referred by their medical doctor.

"Some patients who had heel pain so bad it hurt me to watch them hobble into my examination room!"

I would ask my patients the standard questions about how they started feeling the pain, when it was the worst and what they did for daily activities and anything they had tried for treatments. They would tell me the long and sad story of all the prescriptions, orthotic inserts and custom-made orthopedic shoes that didn't work.

Finally they would total up the vast sums of money they had spent to "treat their heel pain" ---- and were still suffering and in pain.

After listening to the many and varied "heel pain treatments" that failed to cure their heel pain… I knew I had to do something about all the misinformation. I shuddered to think of the vast amount of money wasted on quack treatments for heel pain that are found on the web and other misinformed providers of heel pain cures.

When I took the time to check out some of the ineffective quack treatments my patients revealed to me, I was appalled.

"Quack quick fix heel treatment creams and support devices are making claims that are just not true!"

The biggest glaring problem is the fact that many of the people selling heel pain relief products are not qualified to do so. They have no clinical background or formal training in podiatry and no scientific proof their heel pain relief products even work!

These are just people who have had luck treating their own heel pain but do not have the proven experience of treating and healing 20-30 cases of heel pain per week (for 10 years) in a podiatry clinic -- like I do.

So why listen to me?

I am a registered practicing podiatrist who graduated with honors in 2002. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree where I majored in exercise science and exercise physiology.

I am technically and medically trained in 2 fields: podiatry and exercise science. During my 10 years of medical practice I have worked alongside (in the same clinic) as physiotherapists, massage therapists, general practitioners, dieticians, exercise physiologists, orthopedic foot surgeons and acupuncturists.

Every day the doctors would all take lunch at the same time and discuss our patients. We would share (based on scientific evidence and patient case histories) what worked and helped reduce and even eliminate heel pain.

These discussions have given me some of the best insights into how to treat heel pain from another practitioner's point of view. I have learned more from discussions of what works and what does not to help end heel pain, than in my training at university (You just can't teach this – it has to be learned with patient case histories.).

Because of my large patient load, I was treating a wide variety and high number of patients with heel pain and this gave me a good cross section of the condition.

You need a specifically targeted treatment plan to end the pain…

I knew many people could not really afford to spend the money with the economy the way it is, to visit an expensive specialist, or podiatrist to treat their heel pain.

Many of my patients were the end of their tether, having tried many things to end their pain with no success and most came to me as a last resort when all other methods had failed.

They had tried and failed to end their heel pain with:

  • A general practitioner – will treat with anti-inflammatory medications
  • A physiotherapist – will treat with massage and exercises
  • A podiatrist – will treat with an orthotic support or appliance

The bottom line is this.

You, the patient, experience intense frustration and expense from seeing many individual practitioners with still no significant reduction or elimination in your heel pain – why can't anyone fix this?

So you finally ask the question…

"Why Can't Anyone Fix My Heel Pain?"

The problem is that each practitioner treats their risk factor in isolation and does not address areas outside of his/her training.

So the patient will generally see the General Practitioner for some anti-inflammatory meds (when they first experience their heel pain) and when that does not work to take the heel pain away…

They will go to a Podiatrist and spend a lot of money for orthotic inserts and shoes and then stop wearing the orthotics when that doesn't take the heel pain away…

Finally they are referred to and visit the Physiotherapist (for exercises and stretches) and then stop the physiotherapy treatment when that fails too!

So how in the world DO you get rid of your heel pain?

Do any of these questions get a "Yes" response from you?

  • Are you tired of pain in your heels first thing in the morning?
  • Do your heels and arches ache and throb at the end of a long day?
  • Have you tried treatment options like orthotics that did not work like they were supposed to?
  • Are you sick and tired of wasting your hard earned money on trying treatments to end your heel pain that just don't deliver as promised?
  • Are you ready to do what is guaranteed to work to reduce your heel pain in 3 days or less and end it in 30 days?

Well I have good news; you are in the right place at the right time.

I'm here to help you finally get the "hidden truth about your heel pain" and how to end it once and for all.

"Secret Heel Pain Treatment That Can Reduce or Even Eliminate Your Heel Pain In As Little As 3 Days!"


The "Truth About Heel Pain Treatment" is a complete step-by-step program proven to end heel pain fast and for good.

If you have tried numerous doctors, orthotics, shoe changes and still nothing has helped then please listen closely to what this proven heel pain relief treatment will do for you.

The "Truth About Heel Pain Treatment" was created in consultation with certified doctors:

· by podiatrists

· physiotherapists

· general practitioners

· massage therapists

· and doctors in related fields of exercise and pain relief

The program combines over 100 years of medical experience of wide group of medial doctors including: podiatrists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncture, general practitioners and surgeons to give you a complete, well rounded approach to all the significant factors that are contributing to your heel pain.

So How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

"The Truth About Heel Pain Treatment" is based on sound scientific research and the proven pain relief results of thousands of our patients with heel pain that was eliminated due to use of this program.

The "Truth About Heel Pain Treatment" is a complete program dedicated to treating your heel pain and reducing the pain in 3 days and then eliminating the pain in 30 days or less.

The program covers all of the problem areas which can cause your heel pain to occur:

· Your daily foot stress

· Your natural foot structure and shape (i.e. flat foot or high arches)

· Your weight and physical condition

· Your heel spurs and treatment for reducing them

· and other areas which can aggravate heel pain and creation of heel spurs.

This program will tell you not only how your heel pain started, why your heels hurt, how to help eliminate the pain in just days of starting the program. This is the most efficient way to treat and eliminate your heel pain for the long term. And the best part about it is you can do it yourself from your own home – and save the added expense and problem with asking for time off work going to a doctor's office.

You can really save a lot of money with no more expensive treatments no more expensive orthotics and no more inconvenience of repeat doctor or therapy visits!

In "The Truth About Heel Pain" you'll discover the real reasons:

  • Why most heel pain and plantar fasciitis treatments fail – and what do to instead!
  • What is the real cause of your heel pain, what is wrong and what you need to do to safely and quickly put an end your heel pain.
  • Why orthotics fail and why buying expensive orthotics is a waste of money if your problem is heel pain.
  • A fast and easy program you can do in 15 minutes a day to end your heel pain
  • Simple changes to your daily routine that help prevent heel pain from every coming back!

The TRUTH about getting rid of your heel pain with a minimum of expense and time is right here waiting for you.

The information will be highly valuable to you, and will help you understand Heel Pain, the causes, and various treatments in a plain language you can easily discuss with your doctor or podiatrist.

Our program holds your hand and walks you through the risk factors for heel pain, it shows you how to assess the risk factors, checks if these risk factors are applicable to your case and then shows you how to eliminate these risk factors to get relief from your heel pain fast!

Imagine Life Without Heel Pain!

Just picture yourself doing this – and doing it heel pain free!

  • No longer are you suffering with heel pain in the mornings – instead jumping out of bed, relaxed, refreshed and happy – with a lightness in your step, ready to start your day!
  • No longer taking medications to dull your heel pain – you walk by the medicine cabinet in the morning and don't even have to worry about remembering to take some pain killers for your feet before you start your day.
  • Feeling confident and self assured when the boss tells you that you have a long day ahead of you – because you know standing on your feet all day long doesn't bother you anymore!
  • You know you can stop wasting money on high priced orthotic inserts and shoes – we will show you a sure fire way to chose comfortable shoes that suit your feet!
  • You can save the money you would have spent going to a physical physiotherapists because your heel pain is gone – and instead go out and buy yourself a new pair of shoes you've had your eye on!
  • You can join in with activities and sports because your heel pain is gone – and can have fun running and playing your favorite sports again!
  • You can feel great walking anywhere you want, and go hiking or even walking the mall – looking for those sales!
  • You can lift your children or grandchildren and carry them around again – because your feet aren't killing you anymore!
  • You can do anything you used to do before you had your heel pain – you feel a spring in your step and an energy you haven't felt in years!

If After Using This Program, You Don't End Your Heel Pain, You Get a 100% No-Hassle Refund!

And there's more... lot's more

You'll also get this incredible bonus!

Order today and get a FREE heel pain calculator!

Is your body weight causing your heel pain? Use this free calculator to find out now.

  heel pain and plantar fasciitis treatment Just enter your first name and email below and the Free Heel Pain Calculator will be instantly emailed to you. This calculator will help you to discover:
  • The effect your weight is having on your heel pain
  • Rank your risk of weight related heel pain (mild to severe)
  • Sure fire ways to treat your weight related heel pain related to body weight
  • How to treat the real cause of your heel pain
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Find out how your health risk factors may be adding to your heel pain!

When you order today you get the "Heel Pain Calculator" a $19.95 value absolutely free!

I say try it.

Follow this scientifically proven program to greatly reduce and even eliminate your heel pain... and you get a marked improvement than what your heel pain is now.

Or it's FREE!

Do what needs to be done to tackle your HEEL PAIN... head on. This program will give you all the answers you need. Isn't $34.95 a small investment for something that could give you relief from your heel pain and – give you back a spring in your step and an energy you haven't felt in years?


Once Again – Ordering is EASY.
Here's What You Have To Do!

Do what needs to be done to tackle your HEEL PAIN... head on. This program will give you all the answers you need. Isn't $34.95 a small investment for something that could give you relief from your heel pain and – give you back a spring in your step and an energy you haven't felt in years?


It's that Simple. For $34.95, You'll Be One Of The Very Few Who'll Have The Right Information To Stop Heel Pain... Forever!

Get the information:

  • Most Doctor's don't have a clue on to end your heel pain and will only give you pain meds which do not get at the underlying reason you have heel pain in the first place!
  • Orthotic companies only want to sell you expensive appliances to wear which will not cure your heel pain if that is your problem...
  • Your life will go back to the way it was BEFORE you had heel pain
  • When you start the program today and read about the easy and simple methods for quickly reducing your heel pain in 3 days or less and finally ending it in 30 days no matter how bad your heel pain is now!

Get your heel pain questions answered right now.

Yours for good health,

Andrew Elliot, M.D.

Yes, Andrew, please sign me up! I'm ready to discover how to get rid of my heel pain today!

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The Truth About Heel Pain

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You will be amazed by the information offered in this program. Get your most pressing Heel Pain questions answered and reduce your heel pain in 3 days or less and be totally free of heel pain in 30 days or less!

Isn't it time you got rid of your heel pain once and for all? You new heel pain free life begins when you Click here.


More Testimonials from heel pain free people!
"I was looking for some way to get through the maze of opinions and treatment options around heel pain.

"I came across your website and the 100% money back guarantee that you offered was the tipping point for me. I think it shows that you are genuinely trying to help people and if they are unhappy there is no loss. Before your program I had struggled with heel pain and plantar fasciitis for around 18 months with nothing making any real difference to the amount of pain I was suffering. Your program filled me in on the big picture of heel pain and showed me the necessary steps and lifestyle changes to stop my heel and arch pain. I am so happy that I took the time to read your book and stick to advice in this program. At times it seems too hard but then I remember how painful my feet were and it motivates me to keep going."
~ Karen L. – Cleveland


"From reading your program, I soon realized that I had only been treating the symptoms and not the cause of my heel pain, which is why the pain kept on returning."
Hi, just wanted to let you know how happy I have been about discovering your program, "The Truth About Heel Pain." For years I have suffered from sore heels, and after no long term fix from visiting my Doctor, I wanted to find an expert to help me with my problem feet. I stumbled across your website, and after a few visits purchased the book. From reading your book, I soon realized that I had only been treating the symptoms and not the cause of my heel pain, which is why the pain kept on returning. Since I started the advised stretching program a few months ago, the heel pain has not returned, and I have been able to resume my running and netball.

~ Thanks again, Jenny N. – Perth, Australia


"After doing an internet search for heel pain I came across "The Truth About Heel Pain" and found out what my podiatrist and Physio had neglected to tell me!"

I had been getting treated by podiatrists and physiotherapists for months without any relief from my lower leg and more specifically heel pain .I was desperate to complete my first marathon (42km!), but was really worried I might have to pull out as before I even ran the race as the pain in my feet was just killing me. After doing an internet search for heel pain I came across "The Truth About Heel Pain" and found out what my podiatrist and Physio had neglected to tell me!

After following the information in Truth About Heel Pain, the problems in my feet gradually subsided and I was able to continue my training. I'm pleased to say I finished my first marathon! Thanks so much to Truth About Heel Pain, saved me a lot of heartache and time – getting to the source of the problem and solving it immediately.
~ Benjamin B. – Amateur Runner


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